Worship Moved to Brick Chapel

Beginning this Sunday, February 4, DCC will meet for worship in the CHAPEL on Main Street.  A major problem with geo-thermal HVAC at brick church developed sometime over the weekend, melting wires and circuit board connections in that system.  

Results: No heat last Sunday, and an unknown schedule for repair or replacement. Governing Board is on top of all the details.

The good news is that because of the painting on exterior, carpet removal, super-duper deep cleaning of interior of building, window repair and all the extra care given to the Chapel in recent weeks, we can easily transition worship services and events to that building!

Join us for regular weekly worship and Holy Communion at 11 a.m. this Sunday at the Chapel. 

Another email will be sent on Thursday, and/or Friday with reminders of Sunday worship location. This information will be posted on doors at brick church, and communicated via Flocknote, etc.There will also be more updated info regarding  First Sunday monthly fellowship meal, Nurture and Membership Care Committee meeting and Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper.

Thanks to Steve, George A., Skip and Clara, and other GB members for caring for all of us in the midst of life’s surprises.  Thanks again to George B. Nancy, Olivia and Steve who provided or were prepared to provide blankets, afghans, jackets, etc. for keeping folks warm during worship.

And, thanks be to God for the foresight and hard work of GB and others in caring for the Chapel.  How amazing that DCC has two buildings and can move back and forth between them as needed.  What grace-filled timing in all of this!