New Pastor

This past spring, the UMC appointed Reverend Ashley Cyre to serve as pastor for Danbury Community Church. Rev. Cyre is 46 years old, married to Catherine Cyre, and has a 15-year-old child at home. Reverend Cyre began his tenure with us on Sunday, July 10, 2022.  We are delighted to welcome this dynamic young minister to DCC and encourage you to visit and experience first hand his personable services and thoughtful sermons.

Rev. Cyre also serves Crews United Methodist¬†Church in Winston-Salem. The Governing Board is working closely with Crews UMC to find suitable ways, not only to share Rev. Cyre’s time and talents, but to share the strengths and talents of the members of both congregations. Some joint events have already occurred and we look forward to more in the future.¬†

DCC is delighted to welcome Reverend Ashley Cyre.