3/18/20 Update

The governing board and I will be calling to check on our congregation to see how you each are doing. If you would like to help, please let me know.

I am including today’s Salem Matters. I prayerfully do so because there are ideas that may help our congregation and not to scare anyone. I was reading this week’s chapter in the Lenten book study today. In it the author shared that the two main emotions are fear and love. While Jesus tells us to not be afraid, we try to put fear aside. It is still there, but it does not rule us. I know that these are concerning times. The governing board and I as well as our entire congregation are there for you. We pray that we all get through this together and will be glad when it is in the past. Throughout this time may we help each other to be surrounded by God’s love.

For the time being, let us learn to try a new thing and be the church in the ways that are safest for each of us.

In God’s love,

Rev. Eric Larsen