February 5th Welcome

Dear Danbury Community Church Family,
Thank you so very much for your very warm welcome and your generous hospitality extended to me and Neill on Sunday as we began our journey with you for the next several months.  We are looking forward to seeing what God is up to in this neighborhood, and to the ways in which we can together engage in this “holy experiment” of learning and growing together in faith and service, as the Spirit forms and transforms us, from one degree of glory into another, until we are more like Jesus.
For those of you who were with us this past Sunday, if you have not already shared the green index card with me, noting something you want me to know about you, and something you want me to know about the community, please bring it back with you this coming Sunday and give to me.  I am using these in my daily prayers for Danbury Community Church.  The information is for me alone, and will not be shared publicly in any format.
Also, please use your own definition of community/neighborhood:  The “community” of DCC; the community of the town of Danbury; the community of Stokes County; the community/neighborhood where you live…
If you didn’t get one this past week, I’ll make them available again this coming Sunday. Thanks for sharing with me!
God bless you with the comforting sense of Holy Presence in all you do this week.  Remember, God has breathed into you the breath of life and is as close to you as your very next rhythm of inhaling and exhaling.  What a mystery!  What a wonder!
Shine the Light! Experience grace upon grace, like sweet layers of baklava! Bear witness to the Glory of God in your life and in this world every day!
Grace and peace,
Pastor Lynne