November 5th Church News

Danbury Community News

Thanks to Django for bringing the jar for suggestions. These suggestions can be for an outreach project, visiting someone in need, building needs, etc. Place your ideas in the jar each week and at the end of each month we will draw one and make that a priority.

Think of ways that we can energize our church and begin reaching out to those in need in a bigger way.


Psalm 127
Mark 12:38-44
This week’s Scripture reading is about the poor widow who gives all shc had while the wealthy only gave their surplus.

Understanding the state of Israel is helpful here. The care of widows was meant to be a spiritual barometer for the nation of Israel, that this widow had only two mites to drop into the offering spoke very poorly of the spiritual health of the nation. It is no small coincidence that this story is immediately followed by the prophecy of the destruction of the Temple. The widow knew the word of God, she had placed her hopes upon its promises and upon the Lord Who stood behind this Word. Her humility was a confidence properly placed, she had no hope in herself. All this is what Israel ought to have done.

Meditate on this Scripture and discern it’s message for you and the church.


Church Events

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
4:00 pm
HOSPITAL VISITATION (we are scheduled on the first Sunday of the month to go to the hospital; it is a 30 minute service with music, communion and brief devotion)
November 4, 2018
11:15 am
6:30 pm Music Lessons
Mondays in the Danbury Fellowship Hall

REMEMBER: bring any nonperishable foods to the church to be taken to East Stokes Food Pantry